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w00tasaurus' Best of 2012 and Award Ceremony

I see a few other 2012 threads popping up, so I'll start mine as I know that nothing else coming out will enter my top 10. I believe Vektor, Immolation, Byzantine, and Arsis have material being worked on but with no release dates and 2 months left in the year, I'm gonna go ahead with this thread. Most of you probably don't recognize me, I don't post much, but making top 10 lists is fun so this is my first time doing a thread for it =)). My little "review summaries" of the albums will be short because I'm not very good at describing exactly what I like about music.

It's been a great year, but in my opinion not as great as 2011 (basically thanks to vektor, vreid, and vader, my top 3 "V" bands of last year).

I'm going to give out a few random "Awards" for best album art, best song, and such as well so stay tuned after my initial top 10.

Album #10
Nile - At The Gates of Sethu

This album is probably about tied with Those Whom the Gods Detest and Annihilation of the Wicked for me. No departures from form for Nile, except for some different sounding vocals. But they are one of the most consistent bands with one of the most unique sounds. Their chainsaw-sounding guitars combined with a distinct Eastern sound secures them a number 10 spot.

Album #9
Miseration - Tragedy Has Spoken

This album is an immense relief for those who crave older Scar Symmetry and aren't pleased with the last few albums without Christian Alvestam. Melodic and brutal, capable of being both catchy and unique in an over-saturated genre. The standout track is definitely "On Wings of Brimstone" for the catchy intro/chorus with super deep vocals mixed with Alvestam's great cleans.

Album #8
Cannibal Corpse - Torture

I've actually never been the biggest fan of this band. I've enjoyed all of their stuff, but was never really amazed. Torture, however, is a masterpiece and I have the most likely unpopular opinion that this is their best album. It is instantly recognizable as a classic Cannibal Corpse album. Described with one word: "unrelenting".

Album #7
Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II - The Future Sequence

Once again, I have to say this is my favorite album by them so far, and I have a feeling almost no one on here will agree with me. I like BTBAM when they are at their weirdest, and I get that from this album with a mixture of discordance and melody and tracks like "Bloom".

Album #6
Encrust - From Birth to Soil

This debut album sounds pretty much exactly how you would expect a band named Encrust to sound. Crusty. I apologize if I misuse any genre terms, but this sounds to me like a perfect blending of death metal and stoner metal that I don't think has been done so well before now. Very organic sounding. The excellent songwriting on display here allows this debut album to beat out some of the big names in albums #7-10. (edit: I've been informed this came out last year and was just re-released. It stays in my list anyway.. mayhaps I'll shift my list down and add something else for when I submit my top 10 to the voting thread at the end of the year)

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