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Halloweenie Roast -- Tampa, FL -- October 26th, 2012

Royal Bliss - I'd never heard of them before this show, they're like a mix between Coheed & Cambria and Buckherry, needless to say they weren't that good. - 3/10

In This Moment - I can't figure out why people think this band is so special, they were borderline awful, i couldn't understand a single thing Maria Brink said. - 2/10

Machine Head - They were absolutely awesome (as they always are), i really need to see them on a headlining tour. - 8/10

All That Remains - 3rd time seeing them, and this was by far the worst of the 3, they were good, but not really that great. - 6/10

DJ Starscream - I have no words, it sounded like a 25 minute computer fart. - 0/10

Marilyn Manson - He was very entertaining, but the sound wasn't that great, but I am really glad and surprised he played Come White, my favorite song of his. - 7/10

Rob Zombie - I still can't believe how good he was, he completely stole the show, I've always heard he sounds bad live or is always out of breath, he was nearly flawless, definitely would go see him again. - 9/10


In This Moment

Machine Head

Beautiful Mourning
Darkness Within
All That Remains

The Last Time
Forever In Your Hands
This Calling
Hold On
Some Of The People, All Of The Time
Down Through The Ages (first time ever played live)
Stand Up (first time ever played live)
Two Weeks
Marilyn Manson

Hey Cruel World
Disposable Teens
The Love Song
No Reflection
The Dope Show
Rock Is Dead
Personal Jesus
Sweet Dreams
Coma White
Antichrist Superstar
Beautiful People
Rob Zombie

Jesus Frankenstein
Meet The Creeper
Living Dead Girl
More Human Than Human
Mars Needs Women
Drum Solo
Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
Sick Bubble-Gum
Scum Of The Earth
Pussy Liquor
Thunder Kiss '65 (w/ John 5 guitar solo)
School's Out (Alice Cooper cover)
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