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Got a Revolver Magazine as a gift from a friend, and skimmed through it out of curiosity, and realized Rob Zombie has some pretty interesting things to say about the horror genre and why he remade Halloween the way he did...and honestly, I'd wonder how he'd do if he directed a Slender Man movie (over used meme/concept/whatever, but seriously, there's at least three people that want to make one).

...Also, I really could have lived comfortably without picturing Marilyn Manson beating a naked Jonathan Davis with a belt.

Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
You just need to scrub really good, it's not that hard to get out.
I did, and it's gone now, but the day I posted that, I had to take a really short shower just so I wouldn't be late to school, so I didn't get all of it off the first time.
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