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That set is pretty disappointing. When he said he was gonna do songs from his entire career I expected stuff from every album he ever put out but it's really just a double length set of all the shit he's been playing on tour the past few years with Detox and Love? thrown in. Also, while it's still really cool that he did a couple of SYL songs, playing those 2 songs is kind of a cop out. If he played All Hail the New Flesh and Shitstorm that really would have been something.

The most underwhelming thing about that set is that it really doesn't even come close to covering his whole career. There isn't 1 whole song from Terria, nothing from Physicist (i'm counting Kingdom as a song from Epicloud at this point), no Ki, no Ghost, and no Punky Bruster. I wasn't expecting, nor did I want there to be stuff from Devlab in the set but I think the albums I just listed were all worthy of being covered at least a little bit.
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