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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
Apparently it was a choir and people in costumes.

Sounded lame.
Yes and no. The choir was actually awesome. It was cool to see that layered component of Devin's "wall of sound" style performed live. I really enjoyed the setlist and the pyro and circus performers were pretty cool.

On the lame side, the show had some bizarre, convoluted story line that was super corny. Also, Steve Vai sort of MC'd the whole concert from video screens, and for the first half of the show he talked between EVERY SONG which was starting to get very annoying. Also, there were some weird dancers in costumes that seemed to be left over from the musical "Cats". They came out during Lucky Animals and were there for most of the show.

Overall though I enjoyed myself. Devin has been my hero since around 1995 when I first saw the video for SYL and snagged myself a copy of "Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing." I have his autograph tattooed on my chest next to the SYL logo, but I am definitely willing to say when thing don't work for him. Musically great, but cheesy stage show.
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