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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
That's awesome you got one of the shirts. Sucks to replace Body Electric/Middletown with a song they play all the time though.
People seem to forget that Limelight is one of those songs that got people into Rush. People don't fill arenas because of songs like Body Electric and Middletown, they do it because of songs like Limelight. That's the reason they play it so much and i'm fine with that. I'm not bored with that one like I am with Tom Sawyer or The Trees.

Who knows maybe something just wasn't working with the other two songs? I can see how Middletown would be lame as hell live. Limelight is always a crowd pleaser and it always comes off perfect, so why not go back to it? I like it as much as Body Electric and way more than the just OK Middletown. Every band has overplayed songs but there's a reason for it usually.
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