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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I remember reports coming out from 1999-2000 that Undertaker was "thinking of packing it in". Whatever, don't believe anything you read but what I'm saying is that rumors of his leaving have been going on for years.
Yeah he did have that groin tear that caused him to leave while his Ministry Of Darkness character still had some life to it, but to think that a wrestler who was only in his early 30s would retire because of that is just crazy. This is a profession where guys keep going into their 60s and some into their 70s. So for some to say that Taker was going to retire at an age when most wrestlers are hitting the prime of their careers was nothing but dirtsheet crap that really ran amuck with no control back during the attitude era.

Another one of my favorite Undertaker moments from his ministry days:

You can fast forward past the first minute of it if you want. It's just the Rock doing his same old and tired mic work, that was never interesting to begin with.
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