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Damn, if I had known it was your birthday I would have bought you a drink. I'll buy you a belated one after your set with Dying Fetus in December.

But on to last night's show. I came for Melechesh and Inquistion but Terra Morta was surprisingly good - I'd never heard them before. So glad we in Seattle finally got to see Inquisition! They put on a great set. Some highest quality black metal you can ever see.

Melechesh just fucken slayed it! My neck is still sore from all the headbanging I did during their set. As said Ashmedi (referring to the crowd) "you aren't many but you are very loud!" I really wish the metal community in Seattle was bigger so that we could pack a place like Studio 7 for a tour like this. I'm bummed that I missed getting to talk to Ashemdi up in the bar. I was down watching Krisiun's first few songs. ImmortalEmperor came down to find me but when we got back up there he had gone backstage. I just hope they come back soon because they are one of my favorite metal bands.

We were beat so we bailed 3 or 4 songs into Septic Flesh. Not because they aren't good, I'd just spent all my energy by then.

Get out there and support these tours. We need more of these and less of the MonsterHotTopic shlock tours out there.
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