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I saw this tour the night before here in Van.

Inquisition started at like 7:15(??!?!?!?!) and I got to the venue around 730, took me a few minutes to buy a ticket at the door. Walked in and they were walking off

Anyway, Ex-Deo was pretty decent. I know it's the lead singer from Kataklysm and that they play Roman Themed Metal or some kind but I really had not checked them out before. Turns out, I quited enjoyed the set, costumes and all! The guitarist can play a tune for sure, not to everyone's taste I bet but it was still good. Some occasionally awesome solo work.

Melechesh came on next and they fuckin slayed I am only really famillier with the Emesarries album but the new stuff and some older songs really brought it. The new touring guitarist as mentioned by the OP can play pretty well for a fill in guy. I was watching how fast both guitarists were picking during some of the songs and it was almost mindblowing.

Krisiun came up next and of course if anyone's seen them live they know, Krisiun rips you apart, ressurects you and does it ALL OVER AGAIN!!! I also noobishly found out the day of the show, the members are all brothers. People were asking me... "Dont they all look alike???" and I mentioned that fact.

Septic Flesh the headliners, I had heard on the COB, Devy, Obscura tour that SF was INSANE with a super heavy stage presence and all.
They sure didnt dissapoint, I had not heard them prior to this concert but quite enjoyed their Operatic style of Metal. The synth parts are NOT played by anyone on stage. It's all back tracked which was kind of a bummer but who's complaining. They played roughly 12 songs I think. I dont know the setlists from any of the bands sorry. Maybe has em!

Anyway, if anyone here is thinking about hitting this tour up, they should do so!
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