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Shadows Fall -- Detroit, MI -- October 20th, 2012

I walked in as Thy Will Be Done were playing. I caught 4 or 5 songs by them. I saw them twice a few years ago on their tour w/ DevilDriver. They're a really cool metal band. Check em out.

God Forbid was next. They're set was fantastic (especially "Antihero" & "Broken Promise"), only I wish they played longer set. Setlist:

Don't Tell Me What to Dream
Broken Promise
The End of the World

Shadows Fall headlined. They're one of the more under-rated metal bands around, IMO. I don't understand why they're not as big as Lamb of God or Killswitch Engage. Sure, THE WAR WITHIN was a pretty crappy album, but other than that they've been making really good music for a long time. They're always really good live, and this was no exception. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again in December on their tour w/ Killswitch Engage. Setlist:

The Light That Blinds
Idiot Box
Weight of the World
King of Nothing
The Power of I and I
Divide and Conquer
Stepping Outside the Circle
The Unknown
Of One Blood
Nothing Remains
War (Bob Marley cover)
Still I Rise
What Drives the Weak
8/5 Shai
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8/21 Battlecross
9/3 Shai
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10/3 KoRn
10/4 & 5 Norma Jean
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