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Melechesh -- Seattle, WA -- October 25th, 2012

***NOTE: The after show shenanigans are worth reading if this is TL;DR***

October 25, 2012
Studio 7
Seattle, WA
Septicflesh, Krisiun, Melechesh, Ex Deo, Inquisition, Terra Morta

That's right, I put Melechesh as the header, problem?

So last night was possible one of the greatest nights in my concert going history. I arrived at Studio 7 an hour before doors so I could hang out with my friends and grab some food next door at the SoDo Deli (Honey Mustard Chicken Bacon sammich, mmm mmm BITCH). This show also doubled as my birthday party since A) My birthday is today, B) All of my friends were there, and C) Amazing line up.

To kick off the night were my good friends Terra Morta. Terra Morta is by far my favorite band from this area. They don't sound like any of the other bands from around here, and they are in the same "section" of the scene as my band Funeral Age is (not involved in it). They play a blend of Blackened Death with a ton of atmosphere. They only played 3 songs, but since their songs are all about 10 minutes long, they didn't have much time for more. I am not just saying this because they are my friends, but this was the best I have ever heard them, the sound man had them dialed in perfectly.

Bad quality of how they sound now-
Good quality of what they used to sound like -

After their amazing set I went outside for a quick breath of cold air in preparation for the mighty Inquisition! Here is the deal, Inquisition is from here in Seattle (well... not Seattle, but general area) yet they never play here, ever. Every show they have had here got canceled for one BS reason or another, so everyone was eagerly awaiting their set!

After a record breaking set up (well... two people, so it can't take THAT long) Inquisition started their set! Everyone was still outside smoking and were not ready for the onslaught. For a two piece, they put on an insanely powerful and entertaining set. The faces and stage movements of Dagon reminded me so much of Abbath, but possible a little more goofy at times, and Incubus' drumming was insanely powerful!!! He looks so stiff, but can crush those drums like no other. During the second to last song (I think) Dagon broke a string and had to switch guitars, thus returning with the funny quote "Sorry guys... got a bit excited." The set was the same as other dates I believe. I felt there were way too many new songs and not enough from past albums, but oh well. As a side note, Dagon said they would be back in early 2013 with Moonspell

I took refuge in the bar throughout a majority Ex Deo's set and caught up with some friends and chatted with ImmortalEmperor from here for quite a while. Ex Deo sounded alright, but they just come off as a bit cheesy at times. I wouldn't mind Kataklysm calling it quits and just doing Ex Deo full time. But anways, they still have a cool stage look, and at one point I yelled "YOU'RE FROM CANADA, NOT ANCIENT ROME!" Right as they hit their last note I hightailed it to the front of the stage in preparation for my band of the night, MELECHESH!

Holy... fucking... shit. I had seen Melechesh on their previous US tour with Rotting Christ, which was an absolute dream come true... but having this at a much better sounding venue made it insanely better. Their set was the same, but I had no complaints with that. Everyone was top notch, and Ashmedi was a blast with how much he played with the crowd. I had more worries since I had watched some videos from this tour, and the drummer seemed a bit sloppy at times, but he played absolutely flawlessly and was so fun to watch. I don't think I had ever head banged that much since back when I was in High School. I was a bit bummed that Moloch wasn't there since him and I hit it off last time they came through, but the new guitarist played everything to a T and looked like he was having a blast.

After their set (which I am still freaking out over ) I headed up to the bar for a birthday drink. I wasn't able to catch much Krisiun since I was exhausted and was catching up with people, but they sounded powerful and spot on. I ran into Ashmedi in the bar and he was just walking around socializing with everyone. I threw him the horns, he threw a fist into my side (as if we were best friends or something ).

After Krisiun's set I headed back inside for Septicflesh. Now, work with me here, I had just witnessed one of my favorite bands perform an amazing set, so I was exhausted. Septicflesh put on a very great show, but near the mid-end of it I felt it could have ended . I wasn't NOT enjoying it, I was just exhausted! Either way, they played all of my favorite songs (except for Theriantrophy). As others have said, not having the clean vocals is a bit of a let down. When i saw them with Devin Townsend they had clean vocals sampled in with the orchestrations (pre-recorded), but it was still a great set. Me and a couple friends even cranked dat Soulja Boy . Mid-way through their set my friend Margaret (drummer of Terra Morta) saw Ashmedi rocking out up front, so she went and joined him. They ended the set, and did not come back out for an encore, as they had done on previous dates, but this was very welcomed and felt it ended on a high note!

Now here is where the good shit happens

After the show I was hanging out inside the venue and talking to my bassist, then all of a sudden the new touring guitarist of Melechesh came up and just started a conversation with me. I asked how long he had been with Melechesh and he said the main reason he is on the tour is because he has a passport, and thats about it . After a conversation with him, their drummer comes down from the bar, then Ashmedi came out from backstage (OMG FANBOY MOMENT).

Ashmedi was TRASHED. And Xul (drummer) was laughing at how goofy he was being. Margaret of Terra Morta went up to Ashmedi and introduced herself, told him she was the drummer of the opening band, and Ashmedi went...

"YOU ARE MYYYYY DRUMMER!!!" and gave her a huge hug

Xul then said "Hey! I thought I was your drummer!" After a ton of awkward drunk hugging, Ashmedi asked Margaret to marry him and Xul exclaimed "HEY MAN! That was my line!" Margaret told Ashmedi she was already married, thus causing Ashmedi to reply "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?" He then drunkenly stumbled off as I said my farewells to Xul and the new guy (didn't catch his name). I really wanted a picture with all of them, but my phone had JUST died

Anyways, good times and I cannot wait for Melechesh to come back
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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