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Deftones -- Royal Oak, MI -- October 24th, 2012

I got there a bit late and missed the first few songs by Scars On Broadway. As it turns out, I should've arrived even later. I watched some of their set & really was not impressed at all. They're an extremely mediocre band (and that's being kind) who happen to have System of a Down's guitarist. NEXT!

Deftones headlined, and they were absolutely AMAZING! They are 100x better when they play in smaller venues. Great energy, great light show, and a setlist that was pretty much perfect. Early in the set they destroyed the place w/ "Rocket Skates," "Be Quiet & Drive," and "My Own Summer." The new songs sounded great. I can't wait for the new CD on 11/13. "Feiticeira" and "Knife Prty" were pleasant surprises. They dedicated "Riviere" to Chi Cheng. "Passenger" was probably the highlight of the night, but it was also sweet to have the encore consist of songs only from ADRENALINE. That was neat. I hope they tour a ton on their new CD. Setlist:

Diamond Eyes
Rocket Skates
You've Seen the Butcher
Be Quiet & Drive
My Own Summer
Poltergeist (new song)
Rosemary (new song)
Digital Bath
Knife Prty
Tempest (new song)
Engine #9
Bloody Cape
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