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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
Me and my friends have toyed with What we think should happen with Undertaker's retirement and have come up with this. The best way for undertaker to retire is to face Kane at Wrestlemania, and lose. Ending the streak. That would be awesome!
It would be great but Kane is at the end of his career and if someone should beat Taker at mania then it should be a younger guy who can benefit for a few years by having done it. The best choice on the current roster would be Punk. It would fit in perfectly with his whole "respect me" thing he's got going on now.

Kane breaking the streak might be the best and most natural idea though. He's one of the few wrestlers fans wouldn't have a problem with if he did end it. Plus, the last time him and The Undertaker feuded with each other a few years ago, Kane beat him three PPVs in a row. So it's completely believeable to fans that he could end it.
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