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Septic Flesh -- Blansko, Czech Republic -- August 21st, 1999

You really can't ask for more than this. The set is out of order, but I believe the first song is Esoptron, the song before the encore is On the Topmost Step of the Earth, and the final song is The Eldest Cosmonaut.
  1. Esoptron
  2. The Ophidian Wheel
  3. Brotherhood of the Fallen Knights
  4. Temple of the Lost Race
  5. Ice Castle
  6. Burning Phoenix
  7. Behind the Iron Mask
  8. Razor Blades of Guilt
  9. The Future Belongs to the Brave
  10. Shamanic Rite
  11. Marble Smiling Face
  12. Crescent Moon
  13. DNA
  14. Woman of the Rings
  15. On the Topmost Step of the Earth
  16. Heaven Below
  17. The Eldest Cosmonaut

Watch all of it here:
1.23 Ash Borer / Volahn
2.2 Obliteration
2.7 Mayhem / Inquisition
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