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Originally Posted by Polock91 View Post
Larry, who Les described as "looking a lot like Roy Orbison, these days," has moved up in the world, since his time in Possessed. For a while, I thought he had the easiest job in the world, as a guitar player. Wrong. Very wrong. His leads and rhythms, from actual live renditions of the recordings up to the jam parts of each song, were all spot on.
Larry has always been a very underrated guitarist. He does some really technical work, even on their earliest recordings. All three guys are phenominal musicians but the focus has always been on Les.

Originally Posted by Polock91 View Post
I think the oddest thing I've seen in their set for this tour is an instrumental version of Tommy the Cat. Not sure how I feel about that...
I never liked it with Les' vocals. They're the polar opposite of Tom Waits.

Wicked setlits. Del Davis' Tree Farm, the Return of Sathington Wilhoughby and Glass Sandwich are three I never thought they'd play. You're lucky to see those.
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