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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
How could you not like Helvetios? That shit was good as hell.
I would agree. Loved that album.

Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
Plus they're very good live. I saw them supporting Helvetios at Graspop in June and really enjoyed their set.
Definitely. The shows are fun and they get people going. Making for an even better night!

Originally Posted by GameFreac View Post
Heard this is not hitting the Southeast at all
You heard right. I am not sure why it seems the Pagan/Folk/Viking/Etc Metal tours hit the SE every other year. Eluveitie has come to Atlanta every other year. The other years they seem to hit the Canada, Midwest and California. This is part of their Headlining tour for Helvetios and it has no stops in the capital of the SE, Atlanta? It makes no sense.

I am flying with a few friends from ATL to CHI. No other choices. Will stay with my parents. I had do this when they toured with Amon Amarth. Amon Amarth has a headlining tour with Eluveitie supporting and they did the same shit. Canada, Midwest and California.

Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
Shit tour. Absolute shit.

If they came to Charlotte I'd probably try to go see them.
See above. Not sure why this keeps happening.
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