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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
My friend says that Thursday Pre-Fest tickets are sold out.
They are, but they said that they are considering either expanding the capacity of the Thursday show or having Bolt Thrower play twice.

On the 19th they posted:

Originally Posted by Maryland Deathfest
Due to the overwhelming demand for Thursday tickets, specifically to see Bolt Thrower, we have contacted the band who are now looking into the possibility of playing a second set at MDF between Friday-Sunday.

If a second set happens, we'll let you know very soon, but do keep in mind that it would also be an inside show. The band prefers to play inside, which is why we scheduled them to headline Thursday to begin with.

Nobody, including ourselves or Bolt Thrower, expected tickets for Thursday to sell out (in only 3 days), so we are doing what we can for those of you who missed out on a ticket, and those that have 4 day passes will have an opportunity to see them twice.
and then on the 22nd:

Originally Posted by Maryland Deathfest
After a meeting at the venue today with a few other key characters, we're looking into the possibility of expanding the capacity of the Thursday show, which would allow us to sell approximately 500 more tickets for that day. We will not have a definite answer about this for another 1-2 weeks, but we are in the middle of working on it. If the expansion for Thursday happens, there will NOT be any second sets performed by anyone. You will simply have an opportunity to get a ticket for Thursday if you were unable to get one last week. In the meantime, please be patient.

Also, we'll probably have a list of who is playing each day finished before the weekend, several days ahead of schedule, and if so, we'll just post that info when it is ready. Single day tickets for either the former Sonar or Baltimore Soundstage will still go on sale on October 31st at 10:00 am EST.
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