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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
It was the same with The Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg when they were the faces of their companies. Both were shit in the ring but they had that character mystique to them that got the fans behind them and Ryback has the same thing going for him right now. If it brings something fresh to the main event scene and most importantly, makes money then they should go with it. Andre The Giant was garbage in the ring to yet he's one of the most respected legends of all time. It's not all about wrestling skill, it's also about having a character and a look that fans will buy into and pay money to see.

One more thing about the bad RAW rating's, before Punk's heel turn the show was getting around a 3.0 rating with around 4.5 to 5 million veiwers every week. The rating's started regularly dropping below that since Punk went full on heel. Besides Orton, Punk was the only other guy on the roster all the fans could agree on cheering for. The heel turn has turned fans away and is hurting their veiwership right now.
Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg are leagues ahead. Goldberg was really the first of his kind of Ultimate Warrior was just different than everyone. Ryback is just another cheap knockoff trying to be Goldberg and he does nothing for me.

Let's just bring back Goldberg.

Also Wrestlemania PPV should be Rock Vs Punk.