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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
I really don't want Punk to lose the belt any time soon. I want to see Rock and Punk at Royal Rumble!
Punk might actually win on sunday. The hot rumor going around is that Lesnar will come down and cost Ryback the match. Probably something like giving him an F5 and then throwing Punk on top for the pin. It still makes Punk look like the weak heel the WWE wants him to be and it doesn't damage Ryback too badly since he was screwed by a force stronger than him in Lesnar.

WWE needs to do something because this weeks RAW had the lowest TV rating since 1997. I know that there was football, baseball playoffs and the presidential debate but RAW only getting a 2.5 cable rating with only 3.5 million viewers is very alarming. They might just go through with Ryback winning to see if that gets fans interested again because right now they're just not.

Rock and Punk will be a good feud mainly because Punk will school the Rock on the mic and show everyone how stale the Rock's act really is. But there's no way someone who's not even a part time wrestler right now should win the WWE championship. I don't care who you are, putting the belt on the Rock is like putting the belt on Lesnar, HHH or Taker right now. If they're not full time they shouldn't be getting the major title but unfortunately that's probably what will happen at the Rumble. Then I will quit watching wrestling until after Mania so I don't have to sit through another Rock title run.

We're lucky this isn't the attitude era anymore, I would really be going off on how much I can't stand the Rock
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