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That's awesome they gave you free tickets, but it sucks you had to sit through all of those opening bands. Also, they played Seemingly Endless Time before Bored. Here is my review:

Death Angel is one of those bands that I had yet to see, despite the fact that they have played here numerous times over the past few years. In fact, I can't think of many bands that have played here more than they have in that time frame. Once this tour was announced I knew that no matter what I was going to this show. There was no way I was going to miss them playing The Ultra-Violence, one of my favorite albums, in its entirety.

This show was booked at the Whisky a Go Go, a fitting place for a special setlist and this was the first time the band had played there. The support bands for this tour were weak so I opted to show up late. I got in the venue only a few minutes before Death Angel started. It was perfect timing for me, but I did not intend to cut it that close. They came on stage and burst into "Thrashers" and then bulldozed onward with "Evil Priest" and then my favorite, "Voracious Souls." The adrenaline in the room was tremendous, as the crowd was going insane and screaming the lyrics. Mark took a moment to thank the crowd and said something along the lines of, "You guys just get it. Other cities could learn from you." I can only imagine how much more chaotic it would have been if the Whisky allowed stage diving. The band was feeding off the intensity as they continued with "Kill as One," which incited more singing along. All of the members seemed to be enjoying themselves and they gave all the energy back to the crowd. They all worked the stage, going back and forth and headbanging the entire time. Rob was nailing the shredding solos and even with all the energy they put out they still managed to sound incredibly tight.

Next Mark vacated the stage as the rest of the band proceeded with the ten and a half minute instrumental riff attack, "The Ultra-Violence." Then they finished off the rest of the album and after a short break they returned for more. They played a few songs from Relentless Retribution and then they went into "3rd Floor," followed by "Seemingly Endless Time." Mark thanked everybody again and said that in the nearly three years that they've been touring, this was one of the best shows they've played. Then a guy came on stage and gave them all Jäger shots. They started playing a bunch of parts from cover songs and then they were brought a second round. After some more partial covers they played "Bored." Near the end of the song they transitioned into "Heaven and Hell," which the crowd sang along to. They finished the rest of "Bored" and then closed the set with "Thrown to the Wolves," near the end of which Ted went into the center of the pit while playing. It was an amazing show and before leaving the stage Mark said to the crowd, "Thank you for the most memorable night we've ever had in Southern California."
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