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Death Angel -- Hollywood, CA -- October 19th, 2012

Fantastic performance from Death Angel. I interviewed Ted before the show which was fun, and DA even hooked me up with 2 tickets so I was able to get both me and my friend in for free, fuck yeah! The first bands we saw were pretty mediocre thrashbaby bands, standard fare for the Whisky. The first touring act, Potential Threat were pretty good groove thrash and Threat Signal were really really bad. DA were phenomenal, maybe not as amazing as the SF show in 2011, but still just beyond awesome. They were onstage for close to two hours, and goofed around a lot during the encore set. They threw
in some short 80s covers like Beliver by Ozzy, and Dynamite by Scorpions which ruled so hard. Mark was bashed by the end but his performance was still awesome as hell. Will was also bleeding from the mouth for some reason. This was such an awesome set though, and probably one of my favorite of 2012 so far. Also playing all of the Ultra Violence turned out to be fucking amazing, the title track was spectacular and I finally got to hear Kill as One and Voracious Souls.

Evil Priest
Voracious Souls
Kill as One
The Ultra-Violence
Mistress of Pain
Final Death
Relentless Revolution
Claws In So Deep
3rd Floor
Seemingly Endless Time
Bored / Heaven And Hell
Thrown to the Wolves

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