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Damn it has been a long time since I've been able to update this, so here is the last 3 weeks.

Week 19:

Avenged Sevenfold- Carry On
The Sword- Apocryphon
TesseracT- Nocturne
Daniel Jakubovic- Facts
Tomahawk- Stone Letter
Converge- All We Love We Leave Behind
Saint Vitus- Born Too Late
Saint Vitus Interview
Saint Vitus- Let Them Fall
Bison B.C.- Anxiety Puke/Lovelessness
Loch Vostok- Seeker
Grave- Passion Of The Weak
Grave Interview
Grave- Plague Of Nations
Anaal Nathrakh- Forging Towards The Sunset
Behold The Arctopus- Horrorsentience
Dark Funeral- Angel Flesh Impaled
Dark Funeral Interview
Dark Funeral- Shadows over Transylvania
Revocation- Bound By Desire
Arctic Sleep- Wolf Nature
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off

Week 20: The 75% Request Show

System Divide- Ephemera
Daylight Dies- The Pale Approach (Start Of The Requests)
*Start Of The Requests*
Death Grips- Takyon (Death Yon)
Norma Jean- Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste
Down- Open Coffins
Exhorder- Homicide
Fallujah- Become One
Hour Of Penance- Ascension
Coroner- Reborn Through Hate
Cannibal Corpse- The Discipline Of Revenge
Melechesh- Of Mercury And Mercury
Neurogenic- Allotriophagical Obsession
Autopsy On The Horizon- Perverse Pagan Rape
Nekrogoblikon- No One Survives
Converge- Dark Horse
Sigh- Me-Devil
Ihsahn- Frozen Lakes On Mars
Andy Timmons Band- Resolution
Devin Townsend- Deadhead
Between the Buried and Me- Silent Flight Parliament
X Japan- Silent Jealousy(End OF The Requests)
*End OF Requests*
Wintersun- Time
Pig Destroyer- White Lady
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off

Week 21:

The Sword- The Veil of Isis
Sicadis- Through These Eyes
Stone Sour- The Travelers
Christian Älvestam- Once Adreamed
Kyng- Falling Down
Kyng Interview
Kyng- Trails In Veins
Eye Empire- Angels & Demons
Donald Carpenter of Eye Empire Interview
Eye Empire- Great Deceiver
Klone- Into The Void
Pagan's Mind- Intermission
Iwrestledabearonce- Tastes Like Kevin Bacon
Steve Bradley of Iwrestledabearonce Interview
iwrestledabearonce- You Aint No Family
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza- Behind Those Eyes
Neurosis- We All Rage In Blood
My Dying Bride- The Poorest Waltz
Decline of the I- The Other Rat
Dantalion- Until My Time Comes
Enslaved- Roots Of The Mountain
Anaal Nathrakh- Forging Towards the Sunset
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