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Primus -- New York, NY -- October 19th, 2012

For a first time seeing Primus, this setlist was absolutely perfect. Perhaps next time, they'll bring back Wynona's Big Brown Beaver or Sgt Baker. Kinda surprised about there being no My Name is Mud. Tweakers, American Life, and Grapevine easily make up for it, though.

I know not many people are fans of the new album, but they chose the best tracks off of it. Lee Van Cleef and Eternal Consumption Engine being the highlights.

The 3D/RealD screen added a very interesting aspect to the live music, but it certainly wasn't where the audience's attention was, throughout the show. Monica Lewinsky could be performing a live 2 hour blowjob on Bill Clinton himself, if Les Claypool were playing his bass between our visage and that sight, he'd still win.

Larry, who Les described as "looking a lot like Roy Orbison, these days," has moved up in the world, since his time in Possessed. For a while, I thought he had the easiest job in the world, as a guitar player. Wrong. Very wrong. His leads and rhythms, from actual live renditions of the recordings up to the jam parts of each song, were all spot on.

Set 1:
American Life
Prelude to a Crawl/Last Salmon Man
Frizzle Fry
Over the Falls
Lee Van Cleef
Eyes of the Squirrel
Hamburger Train
Del Davis Tree Farm
Those Damned Blue Collar Tweakers

Set 2:
The Return of Sathington Wilhoughby
Moron TV
Southbound Pachyderm
Eternal Consumption Engine
Glass Sandwich
Jilly's on Smack
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Hat's Off
Over the Electric Grapevine
Hello Skinny (The Residents cover)
Jerry Was a Racecar Driver

Tommy the Cat/The Awakening/Tommy the Cat

Also, is it just me, or is the breakdown in Jerry Was a Racecar Driver one of the heaviest sections in music, ever?
10/31 either Mastodon or Primus
11/16 Alt-J
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