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I didn't realize how bored I would be during breaks between classes without this site, glad to see it back!

Here's my interview with Ted Aguilar from Death Angel. Ted was so amazingly nice and chill to me and my friend who filmed the interview. We also live relatively close to each other back home, so it was cool to talk about the bay for a little. I also told him about how I met Andrew Metalhead at a DA show in SF- Andrew's done three interviews with Ted and the two are buds. I kind of derped a couple of times during the interview, most noticeably in the very first question, but otherwise I think the interview turned out well! Mark Osegueda was also really happy to see my Hell Fire shirt, and I talked to Will Carroll for a bit about Hammers of Misfortune (dude's their new permanent drummer, Chewy Marzolo's out again). Anyway, enjoy and criticism is welcome as always.

This ended up on blabbermouth as well, but it showed up at like 2 AM on a Sunday morning so I don't think a lot of people saw it haha.
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