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Angry Great Server Outage of 2012

Ok.. we're back up for now. My apologies it has taken such a long time. MEALSETLISTS is a labor of love, for many more than just me. I know it sucks we weren't available. In the several years that we've running, it's the first time it has happened like this. I mean the problems this month, not just the last week.

What exactly happened? It boils down to stability in the network infrastructure. Our server was running but couldn't be accessed. The flapping made us available sometimes and in long stretches not at all. Today, I ended up replacing all the network interfaces and put a new switch in place. It looks like it's working but the solution is fresh, so we have to see what happens in the next 24-48 hours. Any changes in status, I will communicate on Twitter. I fucking hate Facebook.

Commence your bitching and Fuck You's in this thread.
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