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Death Grips' set was fucking terrible. A lot of people are saying they're regretting buying tickets to the upcoming tour because of how bad this set was but i'm gonna cut them some slack because Flatlander wasn't able to make it and Zach didn't have his whole drumkit. Since Flatlander wasn't present they just played over the full tracks with the vocals and everything. The backing track was much louder than MC Ride was and the whole set consisted of Ride struggling to keep up with the backing track while Zach wailed away on his in-audible drumkit. It was pretty embarrassing and just about everybody was disappointed. Here's the set for those interested:

Come Up and Get Me
Lil Boy
Get Got
Takyon (Death Yon)
No Love
The Fever (Aye Aye)
Black Dice
Spread Eagle Cross the Block
Deep Web
Lock Your Doors
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