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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I haven't looked up the results of RAW, but is it gonna be CM Punk vs Ryback at the next PPV????
Yes, Cena had elbow surgery earlier this month and still isn't cleared to compete yet. So they've thrown Ryback into the title picture to take his place. I don't get why you have to look up the results of RAW when there are recording devices available now where you can actually record the show and then watch it when you have time. Futuristic concept, I know

For those that don't know WWE has a show on wednesday nights called WWE Main Event which is show on the station ION. Anyways, Kofi beat Miz for the IC title on tht show tonight. So let's congradulate Kofi on not only winning the real IC title belt but also being stuck in the exact same spot he was in three years ago. The guy can go in the ring, can talk and has good charisma, as to why he isn't a main eventer yet is very puzzling to me.
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