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Update from Metal Injection (whichever guy it is there who also DJs on Sirius?)

"My buddy (and fellow SiriusXM Liquid Metal DJ) Jose Mangin went down to the studio to record audio snippets for OZZY OSBOURNE's SiriusXM channel, Ozzy's Boneyard, and was accompanied by photographer, Sonny Guillen. Sonny was nice enough to give us a few tidbits of information about the status of the new album.

The band is currently in the studio recording vocals with Rick Rubin. There are 15 songs that have been written, and according to Geezer Butler, 12 of them will make the record, most likely with the additional three serving as bonus tracks for different special editions.

Apparently, guitarist Tony Iommi completed all 15 guitar tracks during the band's sessions in England earlier this year, and judging by the way most bands record, that would mean drums are done as well. Ozzy and Geezer are working to complete the tracks in five song increments, with the first five being worked on currently.

Ozzy is tracking vocals, with bassist Geezer Butler writing all the lyrics. One song title has been confirmed and it's 'God Is Dead'.

As for guitarist Tony Iommi, Ozzy mentioned that he spoke to Iommi recently and he is in good sprits and recovery is coming along very well from his cancer scare earlier this year."

Interview was apparently conducted with Ozzy and Geezer at the same time, and will begin airing on Ozzy's show on Sirius next week.

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