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I've only watched the documentary part of the CM Punk DVD and it was excellent. It was a lot longer than others they've done before. It went into pretty good detail and it talked a lot about his early years and had a good amount of time dedicated to when he was in Ring Of Honor. I also liked how they mentioned the backstage politics that go on and how Punk had to deal with that in the WWE. I'm surprised they would do that with a DVD about one of their current top stars. But i'm guessing Punk wouldn't let them release it unless there was complete honesty in it.

After last night's RAW I really think they're gonna put the title on Ryback. They're giving him the Ultimate Warrior/Goldberg/Lesnar push and the crowd is responding to it really well now. They may as well go with it and see what happens, maybe they have a new star on their hands? If it doesn't work then you just have him drop the title back to Punk.