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I guess I have to question my fandom then.

I didn't think Clockwork Angels was awful; as I said I LOVE BU2B and Wish Them Well, but I would definitely rank it near the bottom of their releases. My problem with Clockwork Angels is twofold. One is Geddy's performance and the other is the songwriting. Let's face it, Geddy's voice is not in great shape anymore. He can still sing live alright, but on CA he just sounds old. Not only has his range decreased dramatically, but he also sounds winded and strained on almost every song. It really hampers my enjoyment of the songs - which is part of my next point. I listened to the album a lot when it came out. And I don't mean just putting it on in the car; I sat down with my headphones and the booklet and really gave it a listen and read along with the lyrics. Even after all that, I still couldn't tell you how songs like Halo Effect or Seven Cities of Gold go, or what the chorus of The Anarchist is. There are simply very few memorable hooks or standout melodies throughout the album, with the exception of the aforementioned BU2B and Wish Them Well. The Garden is good as well, and Caravan has its moments but overall the album is very weak and I doubt I'll suddenly "discover" how great it is any time soon.
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