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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Elaborate please. This sounds like a good story.

This will absolutely be a tl;dr story but for those that will read it, its quite a journey.

It starts back last Friday when the Morbid Angel tour came to town. I interviewed Grave and Dark Funeral. I saw grave went outside to get a breather, as any band who has played station 4 they will tell you its one of the hottest venues in North America, as a lot of people are carried out due to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

I was abut to go back in and take pictures of Dark Funeral, as part of what I do for interviews as well, when this guy comes up to me and say "Hey, you're that Drummer Guy aren't you?" oddly enough that's how I got the name...That Drummer Guy. I said yes and thanked him for listening to the show and tried to get back into the pit....he grabbed me by the collar and brought me over to the ticket booth and proceeded to tell me for 45 minutes how what I'm doing is wrong.

I need to stop interviewing bands like Devin Townsend and Iced Earth and Fleshgod Apocalypse because they don't release quality albums anymore, only quantity albums. and I should never interview bands who are on major labels as they already get exposure. I should only stick with bands who deserve exposure. This conversation went on the ENTIRE set of Dark funeral. Anytime I tried to leave he grabbed me. I Would have hit him but I would have been kicked out and I dont need that as Station 4 is where 95% of all metal shows come i\to in Minnesota.

I had friends try to help me get out of the conversation, didn't work. I explained I may get fired for not taking pictures. anything you can think of. Nothing work. And there was no security guards or anything where we were so there was literally nothing I could do.

Flash forward to tonight.

I copied and pasted a joke about Taylor Swift and how she should make a song called "Maybe the Problem is Me" and this guy comments or she should make a song called "You're not as big as you think you are" and "Stop acting like you are cool" and posted a lot of dumbass song titles that he was directing at me.

I then called him out for what he did to me at Station 4, then after a huge bitchfight I deleted he whole post as it was getting on my nerves. he then started messaging telling me I better watch my back of the FBI will be out to get me.

He then proceeded to tell me about how since I deal with European Metal bands and all bands who tour the USA with a passport and visa that they are suspected terrorists and are watched over, and since I do interviews with them. I am also on this list because I interview them. and what will I do when a tour bus is raided and I get stuck in Guantanamo Bay for the rest of my days.

This continued on for 2 and a half hours on facebook. I was kinda worried about just deleting him as well, what if he does have connections to the FBI and NSA will come after me. *Keep in mind I am barely awake during this so my mind wasn't working at full capacity*

After he calmed down about the FBI Shit he was telling me about how he loves to drink. Which honestly explains all of what has been said above.

tl;dr. I spent my night talking to this guy:

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