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Saint Vitus -- Pomona, CA -- October 13th, 2012

With Atheist, The Casualties, and Saint Vitus one after another, this show was the most diverse I've attended. Needless to say, with so many different popular bands, the RSVP filled up rather quickly. I got to downtown Pomona about an hour before the show and Chris met up with me in line. Robert and Pablo got there a bit later. After talking for a while we were let in and went straight to the Scion table as usual. This time it was swarmed, because they had Revocation's new EP. Once they were put on the table they were gone within seconds. They had a lot of them though, so we were able to get ours.

The first band, Black Sheep Wall, did not interest me at all, so I spent their set talking with Scott and Elias. We ended up not going back inside until A Life Once Lost finished. Then it was time for Atheist. They were the band I was most excited to see, even though they were only going to get a thirty minute set. After a short sound check they start playing the magnificent intro of "Unquestionable Presence." The sound was spot on, unlike at Scion Rock Fest last year. It was great to see Tony Choy back in the band and his bass was audible in the mix, so I could actually hear all of his complex playing. I had to take a few moments to admire Steve Flynn's insane drumming as well. The band was really tight and they looked like they were having a good time. They also got a pretty good response from the crowd, despite the diverse lineup. During the heavier songs, like "On They Slay," they got decent pits going. Although they only had a short amount of time, I was really happy with their set. Last year they didn't play "Mother Man," so I was very pleased they did this time. I'm really looked forward to their album next year and hopefully I'll have the chance to see them again.
  1. Unquestionable Presence
  2. On They Slay
  3. Second to Sun
  4. Mineral
  5. Mother Man
  6. Piece of Time

I wasn't sure how The Casualties would go over, since they were the only punk band on the show, but it turned out that there were way more people there for them than anybody else. They came out with a ton of energy and the crowd gave it all back to them. There were some big circle pits during their set and lots of cheering after each song. I wasn't very familiar with their material, but they really impressed me. It was just one awesome riff after another. I'm definitely a fan now, and I'll be sure to see them whenever they come back here. I tried my best to keep track of their set, but not being too familiar with their material there are some songs I wasn't sure about.
  1. Casualties Army / On the Front Line
  2. Tomorrow Belongs to Us
  3. Unknown Soldiers
  4. My Blood, My Life, Always Forward
  5. ?
  6. War is Business
  7. Made in N.Y.C.
  8. ?
  9. Punk Rock Love
  10. Clase Criminal (?) / Riot
  11. No Solution - No Control
  12. Resistance
  13. Get Off My Back
  14. Ugly Bastards
  15. Social Outcast
  16. We Are All We Have

Unfortunately only about a third of the crowd stayed to watch Saint Vitus. They still brought it though. As with The Casualties, I wasn't that familiar with their material, but they too impressed me. The riffs are incredibly heavy live and I love Wino's vocals. As expected, their set got cut down quite a bit from their normal headlining dates, but they still got to play for about fifty minutes. The highlight for me was "White Stallions." At the end of "Born Too Late" Dave Chandler went up to the barrier and played over the crowd. After seeing them they converted me into a fan. Once again, Scion put together a great show. Even though I mainly wanted to see Atheist, I ended up loving The Casualties and Saint Vitus as well. Then to make a great day even better, after the show we all headed to Chris's house for his birthday party. We got a picture of all of us (Pablo and Robert aren't in the one that was posted) so hopefully that gets posted soon.
  1. Blessed Night
  2. I Bleed Black
  3. War is Our Destiny
  4. Let Them Fall
  5. The Waste of Time
  6. White Stallions
  7. Thirsty and Miserable (Black Flag cover)
  8. Dying Inside
  9. Born Too Late
9.1 Deiphago / Volahn
10.9 Pseudogod
10.14 Bölzer
10.18 Archgoat

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