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And the whoring resumes! This is an interview with Henry Montoya from Witchaven. At the Ghoul show last Friday I got to chat with Henry for the first time in a while (him, me and Lerby had one of those extremely deep and thoughtful 4 AM conversations at a friend's place over the summer haha). I mentioned that it would be cool to do an interview sometime soon, and Henry said "fuck it, we can do it right now!" So we went to a backstage area and did the completely improvised interview. The audio is hilarious, my friend is laughing the entire time and Ross Sewage makes an appearance! It was a little too casual though, so a transcription with some edits was necessary. Henry was pretty drunk, but he was really well spoken and gave some really well thought out answers to my questions. I think Witchaven fans will have a lot to like with this one!

Next one up is Death Angel on Friday, I'm really excited for that one. It's always great to hang with bay area musicians for a little bit, after living there for a few years, hanging at shows and working at Trakworx Studio I've ended up with mutual friends and acquaintances with a lot of the old thrash dudes and the John Cobbett gang haha.
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