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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
So everyone knows about my shitty job. Well myself and the other hard working cart guy that actually shows up and does their job are trying to get into the sports department since the manager for that department wants 2 guys part time and wants us to do it. I guess he went and told one of the high managers that he was putting the papers in for us to transfer and she (3rd in command in the store) told him that if he put us in the store out of carts she will do her best to have us fire because she doesn't like us.

She flat out told him she doesn't like us. We've corrected her so many times that she hates us. When I go back to work Friday shit will go down like it does every day because I guess the manager from sports is going to the boss about this.
Honestly, I think you should just look for another job. Wal-Mart clearly treats you like shit, so I think it would be in your best interest to start sending out applications. Maybe you won't be able to find something, but in the chance that you do, I'm sure you'd be much happier.
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