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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
I don't know that they'll be after.

You're assuming that there won't be shows added after. I was just saying it makes sense for them to be after all the shows already listed, than before. Especially if in regard to New England.

Nothing's impossible, the tour itinerary is already weird on this.
Let me reiterate. I'm assuming there won't be shows added after because there's no logical reason for them to go all the way back to the other side of the country. Yes, occasionally tours do have terrible routing and go across the country twice, but what are the chances of that happening here? With the amount of dates they have already there's really no reason for them to book enough to get all the way back east. Not only that, but The Faceless is from LA so it makes sense for the tour to start here and end in Tucson. And I already explained why there should be more dates before Ogden, but I'll say it again, because apparently you didn't understand the first two times. California Metalfest is on the 24th and the show in Ogden, Utah is on the 27th. Aside from the gap in dates, that's also a long drive. It would be logical for them to book another show or two between them. There are really only a couple other opportunities for added shows, and the most feasible one I see is a show in El Paso or Albuquerque before Tucson.
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