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"Sinister was pretty damn good for a mainstream horror film. I think it actually deserves the hype, unlike Insidious and Paranormal Activity. Creepy atmosphere throughout, the found footage killings could be quite disturbing too many, Ethan Hawke was great at handling both serious and comedic tones, the cop was also good and the scenes involving him and Hawke are pretty entertaining, the story was good and well panned out, the ending didn't suck, not a lot of unnecessary jump scares, when the movie had a somewhat comedic tone it didn't feel forced, mention of Norwegian Black Metal etc.

Not the best movie I have seen all year but overall, I approve."

Not too many jump scares, the majority of them were actually in the trailers. There's one in one of the tapes that even manages to freak Ethan Hawke's character up but I thought it was hilarious because it didn't get me at all and the way he overreacted was just funny.
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