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10 Years was actually the first band I EVER saw live, and that was a few years ago. I haven't seen them since, but I really want to. They were really good, even though I didn't know that much of their stuff (it was around the time when Wasteland had only been out for a few months as a single).

RJA, on the other hand, is hands-down one of the worst bands I've EVER seen. I was looking forward to them when I went to see them, as I enjoyed a few of their songs. They just butchered their whole performance though, which was a shame. They even played an amazing deep cut I never thought that they'd play (The Grim Goodbye, which is 7 minutes long), and it was still really bad.

I wish I could have gone to this show, but it looks like it would have turned out exactly how I would have expected it to if I had gone. Glad you enjoyed 10 Years.
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