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Conquerors of the World Tour -- Toronto, Ontario -- October 12th, 2012

Conquerors of the World Tour
Featuring: Septicflesh, Krisiun, Melechesh, Ex Deo, Inquisition
Date: Friday October 12th, 2012
Venue: the Annex Wreckroom in Toronto, Ontario

I’m not very familiar with any of the bands on this tour save Krisiun, who I have a few albums by and saw live a few years ago with Obituary and was totally blown away by. I remember reading about Inquisition a lot on this site late last year so I was really interested in seeing them and I heard a lot about Melechesh a few years ago but never got around to listening to them. Ex Deo I have only heard of (but I do enjoy Kataklysm, not that I expected them to sound the same) and I’d never heard of Septicflesh.

This was an early show (which I’ll get into later) and I ended up getting there halfway through Inquisitions set. I was really impressed with the three songs I did heard, especially their last song, which had some wicked string bending in the main riff and some cool clean vocals. I think it’s called Desolate Funeral Chant. They had to cut their set short and were done by 6:30. The singer said they’d be back in March though, if they’re playing on a night I can go I think I’ll defiantly be there. Even if they’re opening for someone I don’t like. They’re that cool.

Ex Deo had to cancel their appearance tonight due to scheduling conflicts with Kataklysm playing somewhere in Europe.

Melechesh came on at 7pm and they really weren’t that good. Bad sound for the first half of their set was a big part of it. But I was expecting something more technical for some reason. And their vocalist sucked. Their bass player sang back up and a few leads and he was actually really good. If they switched to him singing all leads I’d probably like them a lot more. They had to cut their set short too.

1. ?
2. ?
3. Illumination: The Face Of Shamash
4. ? (from the latest album, I heard him say ‘Ring of Beggabalin’)
5. Triangular Tattvic Fire
6. Rebirth of the Nemesis

Krisiun was the big reason I went to the show. Unfortunately their sound was crap for the first couple of songs. And just as they were hitting their stride the club told them to pack it up and they had to cut three songs out of their set and finish up. It was pretty disappointing. If anything was different from tonight than when I saw them three years ago they weren't quite as crushing. That's largely due to the crappy sound of the whole night and just not having as professional a crew with them as they did at the Obituary show. They really would've benefitted from a second guitarist to beef up their sound, and distortion on the bass guitar. The bass sounded like shit the whole set.

1. ?
2. Combustion Inferno
3. The Will to Potency
4. Vicious Wrath
5. Vengeance's Revelation
6. ?

Septicflesh had a lot of problems setting up and it took them longer to get ready to play then Krisiun even got TO play. Like every other band they sounded terrible to start and since I’d never heard them I was about to leave. But by the third song the sound guy had fixed them up. After that I thought they were really good, especially the slower songs. Their singing looks like he wants to be David Vincent. But who doesn’t? Of course, the club told them to finish up after forty-five minutes.

1. The Vampire From Nazareth
2. Communion
3. A Great Mass of Death
4. Virtues of the Beast
5. Unbeliever
6. Pyramid God
7. Persepolis
8. Anubis

The show was over by 10pm. Usually I don’t mind that but with so many bands on the bill it was shit that they all had to cut their sets short. If Ex Deo HAD been there then everyone would’ve gotten a half an hour tops. That was bullshit. The bands kept trying to blame the bad sound and short sets on the fact that it was the first night of the tour and everything was in chaos. But I’m pretty sure I’ve been to shows on the first night of a tour that weren’t like this. The bad sound, maybe. But not cutting everyone's set so short. It was in a bar and the owners just wanted us out because they’d make more money from the bar scene. I left this show with a bad taste in my mouth. I was expecting a lot more.
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