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10 Years -- St. Petersburg, FL -- October 13th, 2012

10 Years - They were completely flawless, sounded 10x as good as they do on CD, and you can tell their singer Jesse really loves what he does and he puts his all into it, they are so intense live I'd definitely go see them, again. - 9.5/10

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - All i can say is "what the crap?", i saw them back in Nov and i enjoyed them, but it is like they completely rewrote their older material, they got 2 new guitarists, one of them is the punk 19 year old kid who looks like he should be in A Skylit Drive, he was extremely cocky and arrogant, and his "solo" was just a bunch of material from other songs, he completely ripped off a Pantera, Disturbed and A7X song in his solo, it was extremely bland and boring but he still had this look on his face like to say "Yeah, I'm pretty awesome", but aside from the solo, it's like they took RJA and mixed with Avenged Sevenfold and Escape The Fate, and it was awful, i was so disappointed with their set, and i don't ever plan on seeing them live again. - 0/10

The Last Place You Look - They're an unsigned band that 10Y hand picked to open the tour, and they were awesome, their singer has such an incredible voice, they are one of the best opening bands I've ever seen, especially for an unsigned band. - 7.5/10
10 Years

Dancing With The Dead
Fix Me
Now Is The Time
Writing On The Walls
Minus The Machine
Russian Roulette
Beautiful (acoustic)
So Long, Goodbye (acoustic)
Shoot It Out


In Fate's Hands
False Pretense
Fall From Grace
Am I The Enemy
Guardian Angel
You Better Pray
Face Down

Me with singer Jesse from 10 Years

RJA setlist


10 Years
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