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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
The next one includes some of the best Bolt Thrower worship since Bolt Thrower themselves.

14. Landmine Marathon - Gallows

Much like Arch Enemy, who proudly wear their love for grindcore founding fathers Carcass on their sleeves, Landmine Marathon make no secrets about the influence that the legends in Bolt Thrower have had on their sound (and even if they didn't admit it outright, one could hear it within a few minutes of listening). Also similarly to Arch Enemy, this band has a female screamer at the front of the stage who, although she admittedly may not be at all difficult to watch, can certainly hold her own with any dude in the business. The thing that really makes this band great, though, has less to do with who the frontperson is than it does with the fact that their riffs, like Bolt Thrower's, are just so unforgettably, ridiculously good. When these folks settle into one of their deep, infectious grooves and just start grinding shit up like a gigantic war machine, all I want to do is bang my head and thrash around and break shit. It's that simple. The music speaks for itself. No gimmicks necessary. This band eats other bands for a nice between-meals snack, and this is one of their best albums. Period.
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