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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Here are some fun clues to keep y'all busy...

The one after that can best be described as, "what pure rage sounds like".

15. Anaal Nathrakh - Passion

Shortest possible review is that it's not quite as ridiculously good as it's predecessor, but that it's still amazingly good. Slightly longer version is that, even though the album as a whole doesn't quite maintain the insane level of intensity as "Black Widow", there are still plenty of shockingly awesome moments. For example, even though the above clue "what rage sounds like" could be an apt description of not only the entire album as well as the whole of Anaal Nathrakh's catalog in general, the thing I really had in mind when I came up with the clue was one of the album's highlights - the almost scary "Tod Huetet Uebel", where the screaming vocals transcend mere death growls to become something different entirely. I specifically remember feeling almost concerned for the artist shreiking away into the microphone when I first heard this track. I couldn't tell if it was fear or rage that I was actually hearing, but it sure as fuck got my attention. The rest of the album is the same way - it's just...extremely intense - and so, so good.
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