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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Here are some fun clues to keep y'all busy...

The next one is the highest-ranking EP on my list. It shouldn't be hard to figure out...
So, not one fucking guess? You people are no fun. Anyway,

16. Giant Squid - Cenotes

So here's perhaps the least shocking album on the list. What might be a bit shocking, though, is that the album isn't rated even higher than it is, but hey - I'm trying to be honest here. The five songs which appear on this EP are great - there's no doubt about that - but the primary issues with this album as a whole are that it's simply too short, and to a lesser degree, that due to the album's brevity, it just doesn't quite seem fully-developed. However, at only five tracks, it's still well over thirty minutes long, and like I said the songs themselves are fantastic. Kudos to Jackie Gratz for taking even more risk on vocals, and to both her and Aaron for not only taking their song writing to new levels, but also for getting even more personal in the subject matter. Everything about this album indicates that the next full batch of songs by this one-of-a-kind band will be utterly fantastic, and after all, that's pretty much everything an EP should do. the way, I also updated the review for Fucked Up above if you care to check it out.
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