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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
The Master was outstanding. At the risk of sounding like a quote on a movie poster, Joaquin Phoenix's performance is mesmerizing.
Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Let me get this straight. This thread's last ten pages aren't nothing but talk about "The Master." Maybe I should have stayed away after all.
The quote above yours is the only real "discussion" of The Master in this entire thread. What the fuck were you reading?

Anyway, yesterday I did end up seeing the movie that has apparently caused Brad some serious butthurt in some way.

I liked it. I agree that both Phoenix and Hoffman deserve praise for their performances - no doubt about that. I also thought Amy Adams was great, but of course her role was much smaller. The writing was very good as well, but the primary issue I had with the film was that I couldn't quite decide what it was that the filmmakers were trying to tell me here. The story was compelling for sure, because I was anxiously waiting the whole time for some sort of resolution, but in the end all I seemed to have gotten out of it was that Hoffman was frustrated by the fact that he had finally found someone that he couldn't control with his mind games - although, to be sure, he had definitely had an effect on Phoenix's behavior to some degree, as evidenced by his mid-coitus attempt to "process" the stranger he'd just met.

tl;dr: Excellent acting, but what the fuck just happened, and why am I supposed to care?

EDIT: Oh, and "Chronicle" was just as boring the first time when it was called "Cloverfield".
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