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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
The problem with the "mellow at first but gets heavy" tracks is Baroness are already spending way too much time being mellow to begin with. If you're rocking 6 tracks in a row, then you're allowed to switch it up like that. But the problem is, they're spending so much goddamn time being "beautiful" that by the time one of the "epic" tracks comes up, I'm too pissed off to care.
Oh no, I get it. That's why I posted the comments that I did - bacause I was once in your shoes.

However, after I accepted the fact that this was a completely different album from anything the band had done previously, then all I had to do was ask myself, "do you like this?" Plain and simple. Ask yourself - if it were an album by another band - would you like it? Once I freed myself of the expectations that had been built up by virtue of the band's previous work, it got a lot easier to appreciate Yellow & Green, because the fact is that there are some great moments on the album. Is it flawless? No. Is it chock full of awesomeness? No. Like I said, a few songs are awesome, several are good, a few are just OK. It also has some flat-out turds on it, but out of eighteen songs, I can handle a couple of warts.

I just think that if you're able to get to the point where you listen to it 100% independently of who made the album, you might find more to like.

Or maybe not. Yellow & Green ain't for everybody.
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