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Originally Posted by LogicBomb View Post
Am I the only one who thinks the last couple of Summer Slaughters were a joke? Usually just one good band, two or three decent bands I'd watch on a better bill and crappy deathcore. They've only been going downhill since the first one, with the exception of whichever year Suffocation & Origin were on it, because here in NY they split it into two nights; one with all the death metal bands, and the other with Suicide Silence or whatever.
2009 was awesome, that was one of my very first shows. Origin, Dying Fetus, Suffocation and Necrophagist were all great.

This year was pretty boring overall, except it was my first time seeing Cannibal Corpse, so that was the reason I went. I do like some of the openers they had like Goatwhore and The Faceless but I'd seen them all before and they got short sets. Exhumed was great too of course but I've seen them before too and I'll be seeing them probably get a longer set on that Napalm Death tour.

I always try to keep in perspective that this is a death metal/deathcore hybrid tour and they're always going to split the bill between those two genres. If not deathcore, they'll always have death metal and mix it up with something different like Between the Buried and Me this year (who I've never really cared for).

It really irked me that Whitechapel was a co-headliner last year though, what a waste.
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