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I've been trying to do the same thing this year (watch a horror movie every night of October). First week down and so far so good. I'm really just picking up stuff I haven't seen that have always interested me but my college internet connection sucks so I am sure there will be days where I have to rewatch something I own on DVD. Feel free to recommend me anything.

1st - They Live (1988 - American - John Carpenter)
Yeah I know it's not 100% horror . It's about some guy who finds special sunglasses that allow him to see that Earth has been secretly taking over by aliens that live and advertise among us. Lots of great one liners and awesome 80s action scene. A fun watch. 7/10

2nd - Smiley (2012 - American - Michael J. Gallagher)
I have seen the trailer to this movie on Youtube related videos pretty much every single time I watch something horror related for about a year now. Well this movie has finally hit the internet after all that exposure and I find out that Youtube stars are actually in it, good thing I don't really pay attention to Youtube celebs which has caused some serious negative exposure to this film. This film is your typical slasher movie and has some really stupid references to 4Chan, and the tag line for the movie's main killer is actually "I did it for the luilz." Yes, very stupid but I actually found this film to be entertaining just for how stupid it is. It has just the right amount of stupidity imo and is not nearly as dumb as the film Detention that came out earlier in the year. 6/10

3rd - Grave Encounters 2 (2012 - American - The Vicious Brothers)
It was a surprise to find out that this movie actually existed after me not hearing anything about it up until the point where it leaked. It was even more of a surprise to find out that this movie is a pretty awesome sequel. It's one of those film-within-a-film kind of things. It makes fun of the belief that many people in real life think that found footage movies like Grave Encounters actually exist, the first third of the movie involves a character obsessed with it and finding all these really creepy coincidences. Of course he finally decides to visit the asylum with his friends and it turns out to be a bad idea. What's great is rather than rehashing the same scares, GE2 doesn't fuck around and immediately throws the familiar scares right at you, and then continue to throw new ideas in the mix. If you liked the first one then you'll probably like this one. I recommend it. 7/10

4th - Excision (2012 - American - Richard Bates Jr.)
Excision is this indie horror coming of age type film with a bunch of art house scenes randomly thrown in. AnnaLynne McCord is hilarious playing this teenage girl named Paulina who is pretty foul and rude to just about everybody else in life and has a dream of becoming a doctor, dissecting people and I think even fucking corpses. It's similar to movies like Welcome to the Dollhouse and Ghost World, but instead it's the misunderstood girl that ruins everyone's day and not the other way around. I liked it. 7/10

5th - [Rec] (2007 - Spain - Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza)
Everyone knows this one. Found footage horror, a group of people get quarantined in an apartment building with a deadly zombie-like infection and everybody is pretty much fucked. It's good. 7/10

6th - [Rec] 2 (2009 - Spain - Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza)
Direct sequel to the first one but this one is way more high def. a SWAT team is now sent inside the apartment and a dumbass group of kids also sneak inside and the father finally gets inside. This film goes further with the religious aspect which can get pretty ridiculous at points but I didn't mind it too much. 6.5/10

7th - [Rec] 3: Genesis (2012 - Spain - Paco Plaza)
Instead of continuing with the found footage trend, REC 3 almost completely drops it (except for like 15 minutes of the film) and instead is just an zombie splatter movie. Most hate this decision but even so I didn't find this movie to be that bad. There were a couple of very entertaining scenes. I also thought the fact that this film is Spanish definitely helped, it has a distinct sense of humor and I couldn't help but wonder how fucking dumb the movie would be if it were American (there would definitely be an annoying group of college kids added to the mix to be picked off). 6/10
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