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Originally Posted by srm90 View Post
Slipping on a floor that has broken glass all over it?

Yeah, they need to pour that shit into cups. I always roll my eyes when the wasted motherfuckers walk into the pit with a full cup of beer right before the band is about to play because I know they're going to spill it immediately when they start. I got a whole pitcher of beer poured on me by some drunk chick when I went to see Posessed earlier this year.
Yeah, this girl poured beer on me at the beginning of Cianide's set at the Autopsy show in Chicago this year. I think I had details of that in my review.

Speaking of that, that bitch was there last night. I really wish she had slipped and landed on the shards of the beer bottle she broke on the ground. Terrible fucking person harassing my friends at every show she's at.
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