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Originally Posted by Nickweiser View Post
Side note: Mojoe's needs to either restrict drinking to upstairs again or stop selling fucking glass bottles. The last three shows have had broken glass all over in the pit. Also, at this one the floor was so slippery for Morbid Angel's set that a bunch of people were just sliding across the floor like it was a sheet of ice.

Mojoes just needs to stop selling glass bottles. MOST if not almost all venues poor the glass bottle into a cup, that floor was getting pretty bad. The glass spreaded everywhere from one of the bottles. I was watching my step anywhere i moved. In case you were wondering, i was the dude with red/brown hair put back with bandana and hoodie and black pants and boots. I go to plenty of shows in the IL area and know GarageMetal as well!
Slipping on a floor that has broken glass all over it?

Yeah, they need to pour that shit into cups. I always roll my eyes when the wasted motherfuckers walk into the pit with a full cup of beer right before the band is about to play because I know they're going to spill it immediately when they start. I got a whole pitcher of beer poured on me by some drunk chick when I went to see Posessed earlier this year.
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