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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Cool story, bro!

I've never been to a wedding but I'd imagine you'd want music you can dance to or at least laugh and drink to. Buncha string quartet metal songs and Tori Amos' "Raining Blood" sounds like a fucking funeral.
No one dances when arriving at the ceremony, bro... not unless they've been heavily at the sauce beforehand...

People shuffle in quietly and talk in hushed tones about how crappy the flowers look, what a tool the reverend is, and how they can't believe so-and-so they don't personally know got invited but so-and-so they quite like didn't, while the groom stands at the front and silently shits himself.

I imagine he'll go for mood music for the pre-ceremony, and lounge-type stuff for the reception. If I know this guy at all well there will be nothing you would get at cheesy wedding reception discos. And certainly not endless R'n'B and reggae, like the last wedding I went to.

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