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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Your man-love for Iron Maiden and hideous spelling is 100 times more embarrassing than omitting them from a best of the 80's list.
whatever man, but omitting Iron Maiden in an 80's best of list is plain ignorance, but really I was just half joking about it, like everytime a subject involving Maiden comes up. It's that guy’s list , he’s intitle of not liking them or not knowing them. It's my way of bringing it up.

and for my spelling I'm a fucking French from Québec Tabarnak, what you ontarians probably call a frog, je fais mon possible, mais des ostie d'anglais bouché dans ton genre qui cherche juste les poux je les emerde ostie, si té pas content mange d'la marde criss

Cheers !
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